Get the Look #1

This beauty challenged me. I started off with a color scheme in mind....that didn't work.... so she sat for a few weeks. 

I did a 360 on my first idea and now I absolutely love how she turned out. Her warm colors are just stunning with the rust hi-lights. 

Here's how I did it! 


I started with Salt Wash mixed into Dixie Belle Coffee Bean and added it as a thick texture to the entire piece.

Next,  I added some dry brushing in Dixie Belle Florida Orange and DIY Apothecary

It was a little too bright, so I went in with Dixie Belle Iron Patina and Green Spray to create a rust effect at first I applied with a brush - this didnt really do the look I was going for so I grabbed a large plastic spatula and scraped the iron patina paint over the piece and sprayed with Dixie Belle Green Spray this achieved the look I wanted giving it a grungy rusty worn finish. 


Next I  stripped the top down to raw wood and stained it with DIYs Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina. I added 4 coats of Wise Owl One House Enamel Clear in Matte finish for extra durability.  


For the final step, the inside of the drawers were finished off with Wise Owl Furniture Salve to give the interior of the drawers a fresh new look.